Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Lesson For Republicans

An interesting thing happened in Ripon, Wisconsin on March 20, 1854, former members of the Whig Party got together and founded the Republican Party. By 1856, they had run their first presidential candidate, John C. Freemont. regarding the fact that this took place in a time when it took quite a bit longer for word to get around, that is pretty impressive.

In just over six years, the Republicans had among their own, Abraham Lincoln, elected to the presidency. Now, everybody knows who Abraham Lincoln was, but not all that a lot of could tell you anything about the Whigs. The fact of the matter is, they lost touch with their times, and the most talented members of the party went off to leave the Whig Party as not a lot more than a footnote in some history books. Sort of like, well, the Republican Party of today.

folks join a political party because they perceive that they and the party hold the same values. If the party states that it has certain values and the folks learn that those stated values are nothing more than something the party refers to every election cycle, they leave the party. Again, that seems to represent what is happening to the Republican Party of today.

Since Dede Scozzafava, candidate who probably imparted a tear of joy to Nancy Pelosi's eye, dropped out of the 23rd Congressional District race in New York so that she could, apparently, endorse her Democratic rival, the Republicans have wrapped their lonely arms around Doug Hoffman. Who, by the manner, has become a Conservative/Republican, over night. Ms. Scozzafava was appointed by the local Republican Party machine to run for the Congressional seat. If that local machine is so out of tune with the supposed values of the Republican Party, what were they doing appointing candidates in the first place?

The talking heads are, naturally saying that this just goes to show that there is no place for moderates in the Republic Party - like there happens to be a plethora of them in the Democratic Party - but they're wrong. After all, the Republicans have really become nothing more than a party scorning its pedestal, and one that does nothing more than looking to the Democrats for approval. That is what has become of the Republican Party of today.

Not really seeing any need for two parties who have a leadership seeing things in pretty a lot the same manner, and clearly seeing that the Democratic leadership has more fight in it than does that of the Republican Party, I would strongly recommend that the Republicans close shop, and join the Whigs. For those of you who imagined that the Republicans really did have values, but have found out that was not the case, join the Conservative Party and make things happen.

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