Tuesday, May 18, 2010

USA is Thriving in Harmony With the United Nations

The United States is a Great Nation

The American folks have done more to advance the cause of human rights than any other nation or folks in history. The USA is my favorite country. it is my home, my family, my tribe.

folks need to practice moral and spiritual principles to be healthy and wealthy. I believe that religion is the only real source of those moral and spiritual principles.

surely, human nature and civilization has been educated and trained during thousands of years of religious history. Because of that divine education a lot of folks today practice moral and spiritual principles without any particular religious affiliation. That doesn't alteration the reality that religion is the source of the rule of law, that spirituality that makes the human kingdom of life, separate and distinct from the animal kingdom of life.

Human beings are related to animals. All life on earth is related to each other. In fact, some folks look at earth's biosphere to be one individual organism (Lovelock, 1979).

Life is certainly thriving on earth and human beings are the apex of the evolution of life on earth. The human kingdom is distinct from the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms of natural reality.

I'm writing this particular story because of a conversation I had with some one I agree with much about conservative values and the excellence of the United States. I was extremely offended and kind of ashamed, because of his unpleasant attitude of superiority in relation to other nations and peoples.

I like President Reagan and both president Bush's. I like Newt Gingrich. I like the philosophy of the USA and usually agree with conservatives about most social issues.

I object to this obnoxiously insulting bigotry that is hijacking the conservative movement. I don't agree that laissez faire capitalism is the solution for all the world's problems. I object to this rude brow beating tactic to dominate conversation, interrupting discussion of any alternative ideas. That is not democratic, diplomatic or compassionate, its just unpleasant and rude.

I'm excited that the USA has now elected a black man as our president. I hope he is successful and I'm willing to follow him. As long as he does not interfere with our freedom of religion, then I encourage all Americans to unite and help him accomplish his agenda. President Obama is our somewhat and freely elected President of the United States.

I don't like or agree with everything he says or does. I didn't like or agree with everything Reagan or the Bush's did either. I do respect that he is our president and we ought to help him improve America and the world.

The United Nations is the greatest civilization that has ever existed on earth. It includes all of the ancient and more recent civilizations on earth, converging into a universal common wealth, a global federation of nations.

I vote, for the USA to live and work in harmony with all the nations and peoples of the world. I love the human race. It breaks my heart to here folks tearing our nation apart with this insanely partisan politics. I am offended by the hysterical rhetoric of the left, constantly blaming America, and implying that making money is somehow unethical. The hysterical rhetoric of the far right is even worse, its like some kind of extremely racist nationalism run amok.

I would also like to see the USA government take some legislative actions to encourage small business development, and protect it from unfair competition from big business. We need millions of home offices and small businesses to help deliver equal opportunity and free enterprise to the billions of citizens of earth.

In particular, I'd like to see the family farm come back. Use our computer technology to deliver the economy of scale to small family farms. Just pass a law, like the original homestead act, to give the farm land back to our families; and insure that food companies or anything or anyone else cannot remove the families from the land.

I would also like to see state of the art passenger rail service all over the USA. I like cars and airplanes as a lot as anyone. I just figure that our freeways ought to be repaired, like we are already starting to build bridges and landscaping that are architectural art. We ought to also be supplementing our transportation system with both local and national passenger rail service.

We need all of our social and economic development activities and institutions to work in harmony with our families. We need to practice family values in our families and in our professional lives.

Our schools need to teach a reasonable values corriculum. Religion is an inherent attribute of human nature. Not teaching about religion in school, is lying about human nature.

Secular humanism is a half truth. Religion is a humanist action, it's for the benefit of folks. God does not need religion, folks do.

There isn't anything separate from religion, except human perversity. We need to practice our religion at all times and under all circumstances, not as some separate compartment of life.

And I do not mean that we ought to be constantly debating about religion in public. What I mean is that we ought to entirely and permanently eliminate the theme of religious bigotry from human consciousness. Love and respect each other. Unity in diversity is not only possible, it's necessary and inevitable.

Let the USA thrive in harmony with the United Nations.

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