Saturday, May 15, 2010

It's Black - It's White - How Barack Obama is Affecting America - For The Good and The Not So Good

Whether we prefer to admit it or not, whether it angers us to hear it or not the simple truth is that for a lot of reasons, primarily technological in nature, and our greed to consume every new theme before we even understand what it's all about - has caused us to become a "media junk food nation" In other words, we do not have time to wait for the full course media meal - we need our fix right away - who has time to sit around and wait for a roast to cook in the oven? That is what convection ovens are for - or better nevertheless - restaurants, and personal chefs - what are you kidding - you want me to "wait" for my enjoyment - Who has time for that? Especially when we are being offered fast food on a silver platter at every level of media consumption - film, radio, television and most of all our political "entertainers" who use all of those forums to get their message across. They thrive on our inability of unwillingness to study the facts of the matter, no matter how serious.

Our kids are enrolled in the best schools before we have our first ultrasound appointment; we are able to't wait until the new spring collection comes out even though it's only June; we are able to't wait for that new deal to get finalized, because we are already working on the next big - or bigger deal - who has time to wait for an outcome?

Obama is the new deal, the new kid on the block - he is our "15 minute" fix - and we are able to't get enough right now. Why? Well, for the same reason why everyone has to have the new Iphone or the latest PC computer or the latest hybrid car - we must have "the newest" one just off the production line. Obama is new - his youth, his voice, his reality check out speeches and unfortunately he is "new" to the political scene because he is black and has gotten very approximately the White House before any of us knew what was happening. Yes here it's - the race card being played in this article. But to be honest, people, we all do, do not we? - our deck is full of race cards and we just do not prefer to know it. We place the race card when we make a snap decision about immigration, or terrorism and who's behind it, and who's to blame - and it all boils down to the color of the skin - blacks commit more crimes, Iranians are terrorists, Hispanic refuse to speak English because they want everyone to speak Spanish and like it. Is it true? surely not - but when did it matter if it was true? It just has to be stated and stated loudly and often before it becomes "the truth" of the moment. Real truth is determined by examination and process of thought and "waiting" for a theory to prove itself. We do not have time for that so we must make decisions based on what we have - "15 minutes". We do not even have time to watch our favorite shows like "60 minutes" we are too busy flipping the channel searching something new or something that goes in shorter intervals. And right now - Obama fits the bill. On every channel you are able to get a taste of Obama - then turn the channel - satisfied that we have all the facts. But do we really?

Let's take a couple of minutes (I promise less than "15") to see exactly what our rush to judgement has produced. What has Obama's campaign so far done for Americans - especially African Americans? The great part about this examination is that the same manner Obama positively impacts Americans are the same things that negatively impacts Americans - so this will be a short read - bare with me - you'll be out of hear - in 10 minutes flat:

Obama's success has empowered minorities to think that if Obama can make it this far as black man, they are able to too.

Positive:Obama is young, attractive, intelligent and black - what a lead-in for those of us who never thought we would amount to anything in this world - We now have Obama to look to and say "Yeah he did it - I can too!"

Negative: Obama's success has misguided a race of folks that they need to wait for someone else to succeed FIRST and lead the manner for them to succeed SECOND. What if those who were at the forefront for the ending of slavery or Hitler's regime waited around for someone "else" to do it? Obama's success is making us lazy and fat around the mental mid-section. We need to get up and make our own path - not sit around like media potatoes waiting for Obama to do something "new and exciting". we are able to only lead our selves to the Promised Land.

Obama's success is providing a ground swell for alteration in the White House.

Positive: Whether he wins or not, things are going to alteration in the Oval Office for certain. Because if he does not win, everyone knows it'll be just a matter of time now that he has opened the proverbial door to the opportunity for alteration which will beget more alteration and then on.

Negative:There is never a ying without the yang so this ground swell will produce a fervor among those who fear anything new and different to beat back this opportunity for alteration. Distracting Americans from the real truth with a media spin city puppet show to give the nation time to move away from even the hint of a alteration in the White House. There will be umpteen crises cropping up - propaganda will fly around like ashes from a fire on a windy day - just to get folks's minds off of what Obama has wrought - the opportunity and the clear possibility that the White House will alteration colors and very soon. With all of the things that Americans ought to be worrying about (global warming, poverty, crime) we do not need any more distractions from what the true issues are. But they will come just as they came when the fervor to end the war became so loud that the powers that be needed to "produce" an enemy to fight - and five years later, the fight rages on.

Obama's success proves the theory true - with alteration comes progress.

Positive:a lot of now believe that if Obama becomes President, then the economy will get better, and folks will be happy and the planets and stars will align. This will bring some unity among communities to help that come about. Those who for some reason or additional couldn't "just get along" will find a manner to get along so they are able to be part of the positive alteration for America.

Negative:Sorry, people - this isn't the Age of Aquarius - its been off the top ten list for as long as the song has. We already went through that period - in the 60's and 70's when a revolution was what would bring peace to the earth. Obama is no revolution, but there will be several folks who really need him to be and will make him the object of their anti-war cries and their cries for changes. But it will not happen. The only thing that happens when a revolution is supposedly at hand - is several folks get off their media couches and paint a picket sign - then what? The cameras roll as they cry for a alteration on the streets - while the rest of the media potatoes watch from their couches on their 42 inch Hi Def television tuned to CNN. And the beat goes on.

Obama's success is helping young folks across the United States and in other parts of the world to feel empowered and ready to take responsibility as citizens and get involved in their community and vote for the candidate that they feel will make changes for the better.

Positive:A a lot larger percentage of youth - more than ever before - are going to the polls and making their voices heard. Young folks are becoming alteration agents rather than waiting for someone else to alteration their lives in a positive manner.

Negative: Though this is true - if our generation are the "15 minute" folks - our kids are the 7.5 minute folks - they have less time than we do to examine the facts - they may get involved for about 6 minutes - but when they do not see a important alteration in their own little worlds - they will become disillusioned again with the "over 30 crowd" and produce a new dance and new anti-establishment wardrobe, but will nonetheless keep the cell phone that mom and dad keep paying for to "hopefully" keep them out of trouble and in school.

So in summary - what have we really learned about the product known as Obama? - sounds cold - but it's true - whether we prefer to admit it or not - Obama is the new product that is sweeping the nation - even the world - and created it - wrapping and all. But as well as any other product - after you take off the wrapping and turn off the catchy commercial that got you to buy the darn thing in the first place - can the product deliver? Can Obama deliver - in the White House or out? What do we really want from him? Again - we haven't taken the time to really understand the man or what he is really about - how can we - all we want is our 15-minute meal of Obama - no more no less.

in the long run - no matter what happens to us individually or as a nation - it would have happened with our without Obama running for President. Because in truth its is plain as Black and White - Obama is only and will be only a strong, motivated courageous man but nonetheless just a man who wants to succeed - and who happens to be black.

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