Saturday, May 15, 2010

Obama - The United Nations (The Tough Guy)(Lt - 16, 4-18-2009)

Two things he's done right in less than a week, this is unbelievable, but who knows perhaps he's got more get up and go, more than I thought anyhow, more than I gave him credit for. He provided American Armed forces to use deadly force in killing the abductors of an American Ship recently, to free the Captain, off the coast of Somalia, and goodbye to trash, three bagged and one in the coop.

Now he's done it again, he's not attending the UN meeting in Switzerland, and for a good reason, and every president before him ought to have done this long ago: boycott the meeting, everyone that takes any interest in United Nations' affairs, knows how deep the bigotry and discrimination is against Israel at the UN. To go to would be to sanction their prejudice, if anyone ought to know this, "The Congressional Black Caucus," ought to, but they're on the same path as the UN I guess. I must ask the question, why hasn't a white president done this-I shouldn't say that, forbidden words, but how true they're? Oh well, out of sight, out of mind. Europe won't like this, they hate the Jews also, always have, but now they know where Obama stands, as long as he does not push the point, and try to force Israel to buy bunk beds for Palestine.

Hugo Chavez has fallen in love with our president, I ought to warn him, having more experience in this psychological field than he, Chavez has a duel personality, Mr. President, do not turn your back on him, unless you have a mirror; he maybe is laughing, making funny faces, he's something else.

If only he could get our troops out of Iraq, as he said he would, and not send them over yonder, into additional Middle East backyard. We'll need our hands free for North Korea soon. It ought to be interesting how he handles North Korea. I do think that the UN did right in its message to North Korea, now we need to tell North Korea: loud and clear, we are able to do to them what we did in Iraq and Afghanistan, and maybe send over the 50,000 troops we are leaving in Iraq, to make a point, or maybe point a couple of nukes at them, and let them take pictures, and see if they nonetheless hold the same intentions, which are to make South Korea into an infernal.

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