Friday, May 14, 2010

Natural News Founder Shares Surprising United Nations Statements on Food

In this article, Mike Adams shares his amazing story of transformation and some surprising statements from the U.N. considering food.

Mike Adams is called the "Health Ranger." Mike cured himself of disease through nutrition and he is the founder and editor of Natural News.

Kevin:: All right Mike, I prefer to welcome you to this program.

Mike: Hi Kevin. Thanks for having me on. Great to be here.

Kevin:: There are some folks who may not know who you are. So, let's give a quick little introduction and so we'll rock and roll.

Mike: OK. Well, I'm called the "Health Ranger." I'm the founder and editor of I used to be diseased.. I used to be nearly obese, diabetic, chronic pain, depression, all that stuff. I'm from the Midwest and I grew up on a really bad diet of basically dead cows, milk, cheese and pizza and things like that. So, I turned my life around with nutrition and I began sharing that with others. That's become my mission: to educate folks. Now we're reaching well over a million folks a month on I love helping to share that information with folks, alteration folks's lives.

Kevin:: So, recently you've kind of moved into an almost primarily plant-based diet. What are some of the changes that you decided to make and why did you decide to do that?

Mike: Well, I've been on mostly a plant-based diet for a lot of years but it was more into the living foods that's been in the last couple of years. I went down to the Tree of Life and I met with Gabriel Cousens a couple years ago. I met David Wolfe and I started getting into raw foods and embracing that. As that happened, I began to notice some important performance improvements in my life. for instance, language. I live part-time in South America now. When I was in college, living on junk foods and dead foods, I tried to learn Spanish and I found it virtually impossible to learn Spanish. I did three years of Spanish, couldn't speak a word. Now, because I'm on raw foods and I'm taking superfoods and nutritional supplements and juicing every single day, I'm learning Spanish like that. I speak Chinese now too. So, I got three languages going. I count English as among them.

Kevin:: Yeah. [laughter]

Mike: I find that I can learn very, very quickly. I can remember things better. Also, your big picture view of what's happening in the world really expands when you get on living foods.. There's something about the plants and the energy of the plants that opens your mind and provides you to see the bigger picture. That's when you really embark on to have the breakthroughs in your life: professionally, with relationships, with performance, with even attracting wealth and abundance and health, philosophy, spirituality. All these things come in when you have that connection with the universe through raw, living foods.

Kevin:: Yeah. When you talk about your own transition... What did you go through? What were some of the things that you shed? I know that you were eating fish for a while and it was very difficult for you to shed that. What were some of the decisions that you went through?

Mike: Well, I use to be hypoglycemic and I would use protein as a manner to balance blood sugar. So, I used to eat several sugar and I would just eat protein with it thinking "Well, that's OK. Now it is all fine." I'm a Type O blood type, which tends to have a little more protein need. I also am very physically active. I work out much and I do cardio exercises quite a bit. So, I in reality sort of need several dietary protein. I thought I needed fish. I wasn't going to touch red meat. I do not eat mammals period. If I'm in a very desperate situation I might eat some chicken but it is a last resort. I usually load up on all kinds of raw foods so I do not must run into that situation.

I was in conclusion able to get off of fish too and get to a 100% plant-based diet. Sun Warrior protein really helped me do that. Now there are some great proteins on the market that are plant-based that have a really great amino acid profile. They give you all the protein you need. you are able to nonetheless work out. you are able to do strength training. you are able to be a very physically strong individual on a 100% plant-based diet. That's what I do right now. The only exceptions are when I travel and I can't get 100% plant-based. I'll do some fish or I'll do some seafood but it is only last option.

Kevin:: Yeah. The environmental impact of it's pretty substantial too. Right?

Mike: additional huge reason. It was among the chief scientists of the United Nations that just came out a few weeks ago and said, "Look, if you prefer to live in a sustainable world folks, you've got to eat less meat." This is from the U.N.

Kevin:: Wow.

Mike: I never heard anyone from the U.N. say that before. surely, the meat industry was in an uproar. No, no, everybody requires to eat more meat, because it makes them money. Well, the truth is, the environment can't take it. you are going to destroy this environment if everybody keeps pursuing a meat-based diet like we've pursued in the United States. If folks in China and India and Indonesia and all around the world eat that a lot meat, the environments going to be destroyed.

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