Friday, May 21, 2010

Is There Empirical Evidence That The Republican Party Ranks is Shrinking

Since the election, I have listened to a lot of callers to the C-Span call-in lines, saying how they would be leaving the Republican party, to become independents. At first I was shocked to hear this, since it seemed to me, to be a new development.

What was so shocking to me was that I have had the same thoughts and inclinations. Since I have always
been a Republican, this was a new though process for me. It was amazing to me to hear so a lot of Republicans having the same thoughts and being willing to say it out loud.

I have always known the need for folks to join together in a common manner to bring strength to their cause. even so I also, always disliked the manner most would just walk the party line on issues, regardless of their personal feelings on the mater.

I started to think, what are the issues that I would like to be independent on?

The minimum wage comes to mind. After all isn't it an immoral collusion for the government to enable business to exploit labor so.

And isn't it just a little over the top to insist that a gun designed to kill is so sacred as to lose all common sense when it comes to public safety.

There are a lot of fiscal conservative and even social conservative issues that I agree with, but there are also a lot of complex problems that just do not have simple answers.

I hope congress will fix the minimum wage once and for all time, by bringing it up to where is requires to be right now and keeps it there forever by indexing it to inflation or the 50% of median wage level.

Fix this problem like it's been fixed in states like Washington State where the minimum wage is set to go up to $7.93 Jan. 1st, 2007. every year the wage is automatically adjusted. Let everyone use some common sense and some common decency and fix this.

I think the American folks are fed up politics as usually. We want more folks to vote their hearts and not the party line.

Lets get things done.

I have not completely decided if I will go independent or not, but it's a fascinating theme, do not you think.

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