Friday, May 21, 2010

What the Movie District 9 Says About Corruption at the United Nations

So, how is it that one movie can go after so a lot of of the hypocrisies of the world? How can one movie make all of humanity look in the mirror and dump the facade of all the injustices in the world? I do not know how they did it, but the movie is known as District 9.

Interestingly enough, it isn't even really a movie about humanity, it's a movie about aliens. The movie takes
place in a setting of Johannesburg South Africa, where an alien spacecraft has offloaded unbelievable numbers of aliens.

The area is fenced off, and quickly becomes an urban slum with sewage pits, and trash everywhere. The aliens scrounge for food, and the drug dealers and weapon dealers move in, and after the slum gets totally out of control, a group known as MNU, which is a cross between the UN, and Blackwater goes into expel them and evict them to additional makeshift temporary slum, a giant tent city.

Even though the movie is a science fiction thriller with alien technology, the reality is it's a story about humankind and how we treat ourselves, and our own species. This is definitely a movie that will make you think, although, if your mind is turned off, you will least enjoy all the action, as there is several science fiction action in this movie.

nonetheless, I noted the hypocrisy having to do with how the United Nation's directives in dealing with the urban slums on our planet were hinted at. The screenplay writer did an excellent job bringing forth all kinds of issues, challenges and problems of mankind that we ought to be talking about. Bravo! Please look at all this.

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