Thursday, May 20, 2010

Why Does The Democratic Party Keep Shooting Themselves In The Foot With Presidential Nominations

The Democratic Party always seems to succumb to the most liberalist candidates and always dumps their support for more middle of the road candidates. Senator Obama is probably has the most liberal voting record in the Senate besides Senator Kennedy. Senator Kennedy in reality has an excuse, he has a brain tumor maybe cluttering his judgment. Senator Obama then again has absolutely no excuse.

When the going gets tough, Senator Obama always runs lef
t and back to where he is the most comfortable. This latest time he ran to Oregon, and so stated that he won Oregon and Hillary Clinton won Kentucky. No, in reality Senator Hillary Clinton decimated Senator Obama in Kentucky and Obama's small margin victory in Oregon after spending huge is of no consequence.

You see, Kentucky in the general election, like Pennsylvania and Ohio are extremely significant and remember Florida? Obama winning Oregon doesn't show a lot, as there is no chance of that state going to a Republican in the general, no matter who is running on that side. If Obama becomes the Democratic Nominee for the President of the United States of America, the Republicans will landslide the Presidential election.

Once again, the Democrats in this case have only themselves to blame. And it's surely their choice, but they cannot expect a lot alteration if they keep putting up such easily beatable candidates. Are the Democrats of lesser intelligence, are they bad planners, poor strategic thinkers, why do they keep picking the wrong candidate, why can't the win a presidential election. Why is it that when they lose, they're so surprised and complain so a lot, it is their own fault.

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