Sunday, May 9, 2010

The United Nations The Gathering of Children

The United Nations is supposed to be a gathering of world leaders so they are able to discuss amongst themselves how best to work together and unite in a common cause. The United Nations is supposed to prevent war, chaos and controversy from ruling mankind. The history of humankind is riddled with war and civil unrest and nevertheless the children gathering at the United Nations seem to be dooming human populations into repeating our past follies.

The United Nations is no longer a gathering of world leaders; it's a gathering of children and name-calling. When a nation state's leader like Hugo Chavez of Venezuela calls the United States of America as President; The Devil. And when he says it with conviction and means it; we evidently have a problem with who is running some of the nations of this planet.

How can the United Nations condone international terrorism and the nation states that sponsor them? How can the citizens of the world be protected against tyrannical children in charge of armies with weapons of mass destruction, while they act out using their weapons of mass media distraction.

Is it just me or does anyone else out there feel that the United Nations is becoming a joke of humanity. What purpose do they serve, as the gathering of children and an open assembly resembling a third-grade sandbox? look at all this in 2006.

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