Sunday, May 9, 2010

Israeli Forces Hit a United Nations Observation Point

During the Israeli-Hezbolla war Israeli forces accidentally took out a United Nations observation point and nevertheless one has to ask what in the world was a United Nations sitting in the middle of a war zone for? And if the United Nations wanted to sit in the middle of a war zone well then why didn't they notify both Hezbollah and Israel that they were doing so? And if Hezbolla put up a Hezbolla flag very near the United Nations observation point then one has to ask if the United Nations is collaborating with international terrorist organizations and if so why?

As far as human wars go they're unfortunately part of the species and it's a plight on humanity. yet, one has to ask if the United Nations is against Israel for some reason. We know that a United States warship was once attacked by Israeli forces when it was observing a war that Israel was involved with off the coast. The United States Navy vessel came under fire from Israeli forces and it was of no threat because it was just there to observe. The United States Navy was not collaborating with Israel's enemy.

even so, it's known that when Israel is having a war they protect their folks and their military as any good military officer would. If the United Nations wishes to observe a war in the middle of a battlefield then they ought to expect that it's possible that they'll be wiped out as well as the enemy. The United Nations made a terrible error in putting up an observation post in the middle of fighting and although the United Nations observation point was hit and folks were killed inside they ought to've known better. Please look at this in 2006.

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