Sunday, May 9, 2010

Election Policy of India - Rigid and Refined Rules Are Followed

India secured its independence in 1947 and since then it's a democratic country. due to the rules mentioned in the Constitution of India, its principles and Electoral laws, elections are held at normal intervals. There is specific and strict time for the elections to be held. it's the Election Commission of India that acts as the permanents Constitutional body in the elections held in India. This commission was established on 25 January, 1950.

The citizens of India play the most indispensable role in the election policy of India. it's they who elect their rulers and so, it's being said that the government is made by the folks, for the folks and of the folks. No one can get elected without getting consent of the majority.

The Election Commissioner and Chief Election Commissioner of the Election Commission of India are being appointed by the President. They use to look after all the procedures and everything related to the election. They use to get the same official treatment and facilities as that of the judge of the Supreme Court. Even the salary received by them too is the same. There sue to be a Deputy Election Commissioner too whose duty and responsibility is to assist the Chief Election Commissioner.

There use to be a separate secretariat too who are appointed to form the commission. The number of officials in that secretariat use to be 300 and they're being assisted by two senior most Deputy Election Commissioners. it's also the responsibility of the political parties too get registered with the Election Commission.

No one is provided to break the election policy of India, not even the higher officials. Doing such unwanted activity will be regarded as disobeying the Constitution of India and for such crimes severe punishments are being made along with penalties.

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