Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Is There Racial Issues In The Democratic Party

Barak Obama has clearly been a catalyst for the alteration movement that has revived an uninspired electorate to arise and let your voice be heard. Recently during a campaign rally in New Hampshire, former president Bill Clinton referred to Obama as a fairy tale candidacy. Then Hillary referred to our country going backwards if she's not elected as the democratic candidate for president. Wait a minute, are these the same Clinton's that the majority of black people supported through the good and the bad times during there administration. Bill as of late has become Hillary's attack dog on the stump and both of them are talking in code.

Talking in code is a slick tactic of not saying what you mean but allowing inferences to those who you are talking too and who are really listening. This is an covert political strategy used by the Clinton's out of desperation because of Obama's surge to be the unlikely democratic front runner. The real question is what was the Clinton's really trying to say?

Let's decipher the first example, Bill known as Obama candidacy a fairy tale. What he was really saying is a Blackman to think he has what it takes to be the president of the United States of America have to be living in some type of fairytale fantasy. For Bill to stoop this low is in reality revealing of his true colors, when it comes to winning or losing an election, black people are expendable. You would expect a comment like that would come from an ultra conservative like Rush Limbaugh or Bill O'Riely , who are the kings of racial code talking. His strategy is simple to suggest to an unaware electorate that a Blackman can't be the "Head Negro in Charge or H.N.I.C" of the United States of America, and if he does think he is able to, he's in some type of fairy tale.

Hillary's racial coded language came before her emotional outburst, when she alluded to the fact that the country would go backwards if she didn't win the democratic nomination for president. Her statement and tears was a clever attempt to sway the undecided voters and to talk to racially minded voters. It worked, she beat Obama by two points and in her victory speech said that she found her "voice". What her voice was really saying was, to elect a Blackman as president the country would go backwards or "blackwards". Mr. Obama so far has run a clean campaign and didn't attempt to lash back at these code talking attempts.

For the country to go backwards, it would appear to me that electing the Clinton's to a third term would be the clear choice. Hillary's voice wouldn't be her own but her husband's and she would become a literal human puppet. The surprise to me is that after these racially coded statements had been aired, that the Democratic Party pedestal core came out and defended that Clinton's for not being racially biased. How absurd to think that just because the Clinton's had won a majority of the black vote in their eight years in office that they could get a blank check out on these racially motivated comments and this check out wouldn't come back insufficient funds. Not even the conservatives have publicly but although privately might have suggest that voting for a Blackman would be a fairy tale and detrimental to the United States of America. John McCain came approximately suggest in code that electing Obama would put the country at risk for a terrorist attack. What ever the code either party is trying to use the language is clear, we might live in a democracy but race nonetheless is an issue to be considered. Asks yourself the question if Obama had been white? Would they say his candidacy was a fairy tale or the country would go backwards? Would you hear that the country would be at risk of a terrorist attack if Mr. Obama was elected president? With statements that the American public has heard, it's very true that it's time for a alteration. A alteration from these racial lenses that has infected every segment of this society, that somehow to be white is alright but to be black is not alright. Until we clear this racial hurdle in America, this country will never transform into the nation that the founding fathers intended it to be "home of the free and land of the brave".

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