Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How to Understand Liberal-Speak - A Guide to Comprehending Democrat Party Rhetoric

Sometime in the 4th century BC in his Apology 18B, Plato said, "The art of making true things seem false and false things seem true by the use of words." Plato known as that skill rhetoric and thus every liberal public relations professional will ever be grateful.

This is vitally significant to know for once one understands the meaning behind the cleverly constructed euphemisms Democrats are so wont to use, a list that I will give momentarily, one can with accuracy identify the policy wishes and core ideology under which a Marxist Liberal Democrat operates inside. The Republicans do it too, but not to the degree with which the Democrats do. In fact, it's a core part of the selling of their liberal messaging.

do not believe me?

Turn on any news show where a liberal politician is being interviewed. That person's speech will be sprinkled with clever messaging terms, or euphemisms as I call them.

Identifying the liberal Democrats' usage of euphemisms in their talking points and messaging is critical for understanding. In every stump speech, every radio and television interview, you will hear Democrats, especially liberal Democrats, use the following devilishly crafted euphemisms. Here is that list now with the favored euphemism second and the actual term first:

Massive government spending -- Investment

Massive government spending -- Investment to preserve our budgetary values

Government programs, government spending, reparations, distribution of wealth -- Social justice

Euthanasia -- Death with Dignity

Abortion -- Planned Parenthood

Abortion -- Family Planning

Raising taxes -- Increasing Contributions

Man-caused disasters -- War on Terror

War on Terror -- Operation Overseas Contingency

Keep the status quo on government spending -- Preserve our Budgetary Values

Homosexual and transgender deviant behavior -- Alternative Lifestyles

Homosexual and transgender deviant behavior -- Alternative Lifestyle

Swine flu -- H1N1 Outbreak

Gay marriage -- Marriage Equality

Illegal aliens -- undocumented workers, future Democrats

Illegal immigrants -- Undocumented workers, future Democrats

Giving away others's money -- Compassion

Liberal Democrat -- Progressive

Raising taxes -- Contributions

Telling the Truth -- Hate Speech

Socialism -- Social Justice

Socialism -- Economic Justice

Equalizing Income -- High taxes

Socializing health care -- Medicare for everyone

Obamacare -- Socializing health care

Public option -- Government-run insurance plan=

Here are some of the favored euphemisms Republicans use in their rhetoric. Republicans are more straightforward in their messaging and not as deceptive, but their use of these euphemisms do not make it any less acceptable.

Torture -- Enhanced interrogation

Raising taxes -- Revenue enhancement


In closing, if you are a Democrat or a far Left Liberal Democrat, I have a question: if you are so sure as to the righteousness or rightness of your cause or ideology, then why do you must cloak your agenda in plausible sounding euphemisms? Founding Father Benjamin Franklin said, "Truth has its own native hue, its own native luster." He was right. If you are trying to persuade other people to your point of view, do not try to "shape" the message for optimal effect at the voting polls, or to bend public opinion to your cause.

Tell the truth. Be clear in your speech. Have genuine motives. Such common sense will probably fall flat. Liberal-speak will continue but at least now you will know how to decrypt it. If you did so, you would surprise the devil and engender respect for the ideology you espouse.

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