Sunday, June 20, 2010

It's Time to Kill the Two Headed Beast - The Two Party System

After 2008 Election Primaries, I joined the Libertarian Party. I had been a life-long Republican. In college, after doing research on the Vietnamese War, the Democratic Party's hypocrisy considering the suffering of the Vietnamese, Cambodians, and Laotians under Communism disgusted me. I could never vote for a Democrat after that. They clearly did not love or believe in freedom enough to support the Southeast Asians and keep their commitments, and they certainly didn't care what happened to them after the Communist victory. it's no
different now. The anti-war rhetoric is absent from the Left now that their party and president are in charge. Did they ever care about the innocent Iraqis or American Solders or did they just prefer to win?

I considered myself a conservative, though I never believed in censorship or using force to make folks conform to my lifestyle and beliefs. I was a conservative or traditionalist but never believed that force was acceptable or able to produce a free and civil society. My faith and beliefs were only valid if arrived at by reason and free will. Any type of force used would be an admission of failure. My conservative Republican ideals seemed perfectly reasonable to me, and I was always dismayed when I encountered hostility, often virulent, from so-known as "open minded" liberals. I foolishly believed that other conservatives rejected the power of State, as I thought I did, to enforce their beliefs, and I failed in giving a lot thought about victimless crimes. I also uncritically compared legalization with moral assent.

As an avid reader of faithful supporter of the GOP, I supported the more conservative anti-tax candidates, but in the long run supported any Republican in conclusion nominated to win. In the 2008 election, Ron Paul stood out among all the Republican contenders for his strange ideas, especially the immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq. To me, he sounded like the anti-war Democrats of the 70s, and his policy would lead to repeat of the debacle in Southeast Asia, and then, I immediately rejected him. A outstanding conservative opinion magazine had some articles on him implying that he was racist and anti-Semitic. For me, that really was the last straw. I wanted to see just how bad he was, because I did not want additional David Duke in the Republican Party.

I went to his website and listened to an interview he gave at Google for their Candidates@Google series on YouTube. I did not find a David Duke, but instead found someone who clearly spoke his mind, had sound consistent principles, and articulated a vision of Liberty that was vaguely familiar though almost forgotten. I nonetheless believed, even so, that his foreign policy was defeatist and naive. Because I like so a lot of what he said on other matters, I had to understand his foreign policy, so I read his book, A Foreign Policy of Freedom. I then understood his distinction between non-interventionism and isolationism. It was also far more consistent than either the Democrats or the Republicans, especially the conservative Republicans. We understood that government interventionism in the economy and domestically is dangerous, corrupt, and incompetent, but then believed that the American government is safe, virtuous and qualified abroad. it's inconsistent to support restricted government at home but an active interventionism abroad.

After watching the treatment Ron Paul and his supporters received from the Republican Party, I was so disgusted I left the GOP. Now is the time for Americans to reconsider their blind loyalties to the two bankrupt parties. it is time to restore the Republic, dedicate ourselves to understanding and enforcing the Constitution, and support alternative political parties such as the Libertarian Party, the Constitution Party, and the Boston Tea Party (yes, that's a political party too!).

Choose Freedom!

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