Monday, May 17, 2010

What Will an Obama Presidency Mean For Online Casinos

The eyes of the world were watching America this month as Barack Obama was elected President of the United States. Standing in front of an elated Chicago crowd, a lot of of whom had queued for hours to go to his victory rally, he delivered a speech that the world would remember for years to come. Between two sheets of bullet proof glass, he addressed the nation. He spoke of trials, tribulations and challenges. He thanked his supporters, the folks that had voted for him. He spoke of improving the country. As the world watched, the next President of the United States gave a speech that echoed around the globe. He didn't talk specifics and he did not mention his key policies. Not once did he talk of removing troops from Iraq. Not once did he speak about bringing tax cuts to the middle classes. There was no need to. This was the beginning of a new era in American politics and he gave a speech fit for the occasion. Barack Obama spoke to the world that evening. They duly listened.

The current actions by the President-Elect have recommended his time as president will be concentrated on alteration. In a recent press conference, Obama explained to journalists his plans for his first months as president, divulging his aims for economic revival, stimulus packages and army withdrawal from Iraq. it is possible that not a lot of reporters in the crowd had questions relating to online gaming. With the thirteen economy advisors standing behind him, it probably would have seemed out of place. Indeed, the new president definitely has bigger fish to fry. He is the new leader of the American folks after all.

When the troubles around the recession, Iraq and the environment have subsided though, the issue of online gaming will find its manner into the White House. Obama's choice about online casinos will determine the fate of gaming in America. The only question nonetheless remaining is what will the President choose to do; to take into account online casinos to operate in his country, or not?

Although the 2006 Safe Port Act prevents online gamers from wagering their dollars on online casinos, there are some positive signs that an Obama presidency may scrap the law introduced by the current president, George W. Bush. There are glimmers of hope. Comments from Obama in the past have insinuated that he'd study the pros and cons of legalising online gaming in the US and a statement from the new President on the campaign trail - while talking to a writer from an American newspaper - states him as saying that he could see the advantages of online gaming as long as it was regulated by the government. Although he hasn't declared that he'd reinstate online casinos in America, Obama's statement has heartened a lot of players and online operators alike. Obama's speech on the Vegas strip this year gave further hope to online players. Could this new President bring online casinos back onto US soil after all?

American players ought to restrain themselves from looking for on the internet for their nearest online casino though; Obama has a number of ethical worries about online casino gaming and when a man, elected as the latest leader of the United States on a wave of progress, speaks to a reporter and goes on the record to say online casino gaming can have terrible moral and economic costs, online casino operators hoping to run their casinos in the US shouldn't embark on buying up domain names just nevertheless; the latest president has raised a number of fears considering online casino gaming.

After he grew into a fixture on the political landscape, it quickly became apparent that online gaming casino companies would need to embark on searching additional messiah to defend their cause. in spite of the desires of a lot of online casino operators, the hope that Barack Obama would negate the 2006 Safe Port Act were quickly crushed early into the US election season. The revelation that Barack Obama believes gaming to come with an unacceptable social and economical cost was a shocking one for parties with a vested interest in online casinos. It was not the vote of harmony casino companies were wishing for. having a look through Obama's history in the Senate, there's even more bad news. In 1999 He voted nay to a bill to increase the Illinois gaming district. Ouch.

Obama's conflicting beliefs will concern several players. Although, a politician presenting both sides of a case is hardly a new thing. There's always a chance Obama may reinstate online casinos. Just do not bet the farm on playing them just nevertheless.

As an occasional poker player, Obama is famous for a calm playing style. During his period as an Illinois senator, he often played in low stakes poker matches. Friends said that he rarely bet huge amounts, never bluffed, and constantly held his cards approximately his chest. a lot of commentators will be wondering if his poker style will echo his presidency. When Obama is asked a question about the online casino issue, how close will he keep his hand?

Obama has all the chips on the issue legalising internet casinos in the United States. Understandably, though, he has been more focused on the economic troubles facing modern America. But, taking into account the surplus revenue internet gaming can provide to his national piggybank, can he afford to ignore internet gaming, purely because of a moral objection?

Whatever his private opinions of online casinos, no one will know them until he takes the oath of the President in the New Year. Whatever President Obama's final decision on online casinos, thousands of gamers will be concerned to see which colour he'll place his chips on in the online casino debate.

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