Tuesday, May 11, 2010

United Nations - Useful Or Useless

The UN "Charter" principles begins with a prayer: We, the peoples of the United Nations (...) we prefer to proclaim anew our faith in fundamentality of human rights... ". it is a prayer to whom? of course not God! it might be some illuminist goddess? it might be possible, and so, at the very first instance, UN doesn't have any spiritual perspective to bring the love of God in the world.

it is an organization devoted to something different which, in a human viewpoint, is more powerful that God Himself maybe.

That's a good starting point but since its creation UN has been also a vain authority to prevent genocides and warfare across the world. We remember once an expression, which clarifies that only God gives authority. Again is there something hidden? It may possible that they would follow a politically correct approach with a relativistic perspective versus Religions. I then wonder why don't bring the words "Love" inside their statement. it's possible that they hate love?

This starting point is reasonably philosophical, but now we are trying to enter in a more pragmatic view, in the human fact of this "superior" organization.

"Useless Nations" is a nickname of the UN uses by Americans, which disapprove support United States pays to UN. This is a pragmatic and a practical point.

Moreover we know that this "Human Right Organization" has proclaimed Fidel Castro "World Hero of Solidarity", receiving an award by UN General Assembly Miguel D'Escoto Brockmann. That's an another pearl of these "gentlemen", which probably, affected by Socialist illness, have forgot those prison camps nonetheless used "democratically" and in full respect for "human rights" as established in the UN Charter, by the Castro regime.

additional affaire of this heroic wisdom is the request of the US Administration to UN to favorite the release of the dictator Manuel Zelaya and restore his Communist Presidential power.

it is useless, we believe, to list another interesting support to the Islamic regimes across the world which demonstrate that UN counts nothing.

© Edoardo Rospo

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