Sunday, May 16, 2010

United Nations and We the People Debate

it's truly amazing the amount of anti-globalist sentiment out there. Often you must wonder what is these people's problems, as they protest, riot and graffiti during World Leadership conferences which discuss how best to help the third world. it's almost as if they're saying don't help the poorer nations at all.

nevertheless we don't see these same groups out their teaching these people how to do agriculture, clean water or develop solar energy power. Not, all they do is complain and piss and moan. One anti-globalist recently came to an online think tank and stated;

"The UN is not doing their job and We the folks can take it from here on out."

Interesting comments indeed and just where are they going to take the third world now? It seems that if the anti-globalists can do a better job out there, then go get busy and do something, but causing riots and protests all over the world is silly and reckless. it's a slap in the face to modern civilization. Look here is the deal, if you anti-globalists are so great and wise and resourceful, then why not get your rear ends down to Africa or some poorer third world nation and embark on by lending a helping hand. Get busy and do something and lead by example, do not piss and moan and protest the money sources that are needed to get the help to where it requires to be you see? look at all this in 2006.

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