Thursday, May 20, 2010

Union Intimidation Bill - Democratic Party Repays Union Masters

The Democratic Party is beholden to the nation's most self-serving special interests.

They proved this once again on Wednesday by voting in favor of HR800, a House bill to take away workers' right to a supervised private ballot when voting for or against union representation.

Needless to say, this would be the perfect intimidation tool for union bosses.

What's In A Name?

In George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four, highlighting the degradation of the individual, by the totalitarian state, the Ministry of Truth had the 3 great slogans of the party carved into its building.




In a Similar vein, this bill is known as the Employee Free Choice Act.

This free choice would force workers to submit to a card check out to openly sign or reject.

Is there any doubt as to the type of intimidation tactics that would be used and how hard it may be to say no thank you or I'd like more time and information before deciding; to say nothing of the desire for that vote to be private.

Union reps, seeking the open signatures, you are able to be sure, would not be slender, mild mannered, polite, head-waiter types, showing their concern for workers' comfort and well being.

Union heavy handedness would be the order of the day to slow the steep decline in union membership.

In the private sector, union membership has declined from 35% in the 1950's to the present 7.4%.

Workers today, understand that unions occasionally obtain short-term benefits for workers; they know also, the fate of workers at Ford, General Motors, major airlines and scores of companies, resulting in joblessness, regarding to union excesses. Job losses in the tens of thousands and up, have been commonplace for years.

a lot of union workers are also well knowledgeable of their dues being used for purposes they strongly oppose. Unions for the most part ignore those wishes and continuously use the courts and union tactics to keep collecting money to give almost exclusively to Democrats.

During the last election period, organized labor gave approximately $60 million dollars in direct contributions to Democrat candidates and tens of millions more for "get out the vote efforts."

it's Big Labor's right to do so, but the public have to also be well knowledgeable of what unions expect and often get in return, from Democrats.

The Democrat Party is willing to see workers' right to a secret ballot forfeited to pay back its union benefactors.

Most special interests of today's Democrats favor a couple of, at the expense of the national good; Big Labor, lawyers, trade protectionists, the welfare lobby among a lot of other people.

For the most part, these special interests restrict growth, and siphon off wealth created by other people.

Most Republican special interests are those that support themselves, produce wealth and pay the nation's bills.

and then recently the ultimate payoff took place. Democrats talk endlessly of their concern for working families and the middle class. In this case, when it came time to walk the walk, they voted against the right to a private vote for millions of middle class workers.

What's new?

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