Friday, May 7, 2010

How the Second Coming Could Be Near With Barack Obama As President

We are in for a special time. On January 20, 2009, president-elect Barack Obama will be sworn in as the next president of The United States. He elicits several enthusiasm. He drew a crowd of about one hundred thousand to a rally at the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri in October. He has a higher approval rating than any other recent president-elect.

Obama could be equated to a cult leader who has a huge following. This article discusses what he could do and how this will impact the view of his presidency.

Women will love Obama as he honors his pledge to give them equal pay. Women will chant, "O, Great One! You have made my dream of earning as a lot money as my male colleagues come true. Thank you so a lot!" Obama will be recognized as the "working woman" president.

Hispanics and blacks voted for Obama overwhelmingly. Obama will return the favor by holding celebrations and a Hispanics and Blacks Appreciation Day event for them. Hispanics and blacks will shout, "Mr. Obama, you didn't neglect us unlike every other politician. You the man!" Minorities will no longer be able to claim they're ignored by the one they voted for.

African-Americans will revere Obama as he signs legislation that allows them monetary reparations for the slavery they endured over a century ago. In return, they will thank him by saying, "Thank you, Mr. Obama! Because you gave a piece of us five thousand dollars, we won't must work so difficult anymore. Rich at last! Rich at last! Thank Almighty Obama, we are rich at last!" Obama will be seen as the president who financially liberated the descendants of African-American slaves.

The Illegal immigrants who are already in America will stay and there will be more foreigners who come without following the path to legal citizenship as Obama and the Democrats in Congress grant amnesty to them. In gratitude, they will say, "Thank you for turning the other cheek and forgiving our debts, your Majesty." Once this scenario happens, Obama will be seen by a lot of as a leader who condones the act of lawbreaking in some instances while other people will see him as a man of mercy.

Obama will expand his pedestal among voters who are between the ages of eighteen and twenty-nine as he helps them and high school students accomplish their dream of going to college by letting them get financial aid in return for doing volunteer service in the community or a military branch. They will bow and proclaim, "You kept your pledge to help volunteers attend college, Great One! We could not have pursued the American Dream without you!"

Our soldiers and veterans will be treated much better than they've been under the Bush administration. Obama will improve the conditions at military healthcare facilities and pay for current and former military personnel to have extensive access to fabulous patient treatment. Obama will ensure the soldiers in Iraq have all the equipment they need to protect themselves from roadside bombs and other attacks before he brings them home or sends them to Afghanistan.

When Obama visits troops and veterans, they will salute him and say, "Hey, great commander-in-chief. You have done so a lot for us. I love you." As a result of showing the troops such compassion and aid, he will acquire plenty of admiration and respect from troops, veterans and the nation.

Citizens in other countries will adore Obama as he applies a diplomatic approach to international wrongdoing, avoids preemptive military attacks and makes the military forces stop jeopardizing innocent civilians with air strikes. As soldiers apprehend the foes they locate, nearby civilians will say, "Mr. Obama, thank you for using common sense and letting us do-gooders live. You're the greatest commander-in-chief ever." Using these methods, Obama will restore our moral standing among the world.

Small business owners will increase their bottom line as Obama gives them a tax credit of fifty percent for giving their workers access to health insurance. In return, the small business owners will thank Obama by telling him, "I am more successful as a result of you being in charge. You are magnificent!" Obama will be looked as a small employer's best friend.

Senior citizens will thank Obama as he comes through with his promise to give them tax relief or let them withdraw their retirement funds without paying a penalty. They will say, "I underestimated you, your Excellency. I thought you would be additional tax-and-spend liberal." Obama will remove the label of Democrats being tax-and-spend liberals.

As Obama penalizes companies that ship jobs overseas and gives tax breaks to companies that keep jobs here, manufacturing workers will exalt, "You saved our jobs, Mr. Obama! We will never must worry about going to college or learning new skills." Obama will be called the "savior of jobs".

You now know how the Second advent could be near.

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