Sunday, May 16, 2010

Does the Democrat Party Make a Serious Error in the Candidates They Choose

Senator John Reid Edwards, aka John Edwards former shamed Presidential Candidate and failed Vice Presidential candidate stated in a recent media report that he had made a serious error in judgment when he had an affair with additional woman while his wife was dying of cancer. a lot of would say that "a serious error in judgment" is simply not a good enough explanation.

This particular candidate very well could have been the Vice President or the President of the United States of America. it's interesting that integrity is never a major issue with chosen Democrat Candidates, but some political opponents say that; "If a man stoops so low to cheat on his dying wife, then how can you trust him in a senior leadership position in our Nation?"

John Reid Edwards is a US Senator nonetheless, and regarding his behavior outside of his government service this could very well effect his re-election to the US Senate. One Democrat we interviewed said; "I feel as if the party is letting us down, not only on moral issues, but in choosing who is best to lead," and a lot of Christian women find this latest affair unforgivable. Does that mean John Edwards political career is over?

Some might say, it doesn't matter as John Edwards is worth some $100 million dollars, most of the money he made in suing businesses with class-action lawsuits. a lot of of the top class-action lawyers in the nation are now behind bars regarding to high-profile cases of class-action cheating. surely, Senator Edwards is not the first high-profile lawyer who has been caught with his pants down? We all remember the Governor Elliot Spitzer story and who can forget President Bill Clinton's famous blow job.

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