Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Democratic Party Values and Principles For Which We Stand

The Democratic Party stands for much that we are able to be pleased. The North Fulton Democrats have outlined the Democratic Party Values and Principles For Which We Stand:

We are Pro-Constitution of the United States of America:

As horrific as 9/11 was, it did not repeal our constitution

The Patriot Act is impeding our constitutional civil rights

We are Pro-Democracy:

Even as we impose Democracy in foreign lands, we ought to not forego our own

Every Citizen ought to have the right to vote, and the right to have their vote counted

We are Pro-Civil Rights:

Equal Opportunity and Dignity for ALL Americans, without biases

We are Pro-Free Speech:

Putting down debate and discourse is unpatriotic!

We are Pro-Small Business and Individual Opportunity:

While maintaining an environment for ethical large corporate profitability

We are Pro-compassion and dignified assistance for the disadvantaged:

don't preclude helping the needy because a couple of abuse the system

Help enable the disadvantaged to become self sufficient

We are Pro-Inclusiveness, and Anti-Divisiveness:

Strength of the Nation AND Strength of the Community

We are Pro-Religious Freedom and Separation of Church and State:

Following the guidelines of our founding fathers

We are Pro-International Leadership, lead by example and via "international alliances":

Better through UN and NATO than aggressive unilateralism

We are Pro-Strong Military and Defense:

Support the folks who defend our values with their life and limb

Develop military solutions in balance with the threats

We are Pro-Homeland Security:

Train, equip and fund our "first responders"

We are Pro-Fiscal Responsibility:

Mortgaging our future by uncontrolled deficit spending is bad policy

We are Pro-Women's Health and Pro-Planned Parenthood:

Respect women's rights

Respect the right for women and doctors to make health decisions without legal intervention

We are Pro-Civil Unions:

Dignity, Respect and equal opportunity without judgment

We are Pro-Environment:

For our health safety and enjoyment; our children's health safety and enjoyment; and the rights of future generations!

We are Pro-Gun Control:

Controlled access to guns for self defense and sporting requires

We are Pro-Education:

We support a strong Public School system and access to higher education

We are Pro-Workers' Rights:

We support the right to organize and negotiate for fair wages and a healthy and safe workplace, without the fear of losing your job

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