Thursday, May 20, 2010

Democrat Websites Say the Republican Party is History

It is always fun to consider the World through others's eyes, even when it's clear they're jaded to no end. Recently, after the election of Senator Barack Obama to President-Elect Obama we have heard quite a bit of gloating by Democrat Bloggers about how the Republican Party has falling apart. They talk about fictitious in-fighting and clutter the airwaves, Internet and media with hypotheticals.

The reality is that the Senator Barrack Obama spent nearly
700 million dollars in campaign funds. His campaign had unlimited funds equated to his rivals in the Primary Election and Senator John McCain in the General Election, so they pretty a lot bought the election.

Since a good a lot of Americans have surrendered their minds to the TV sets and a huge number of new voters didn't know any better, Barrack Obama was elected in spite of his practical admission to Socialist ideals; i.e. "Share the wealth a little," pledge to the Unions and promise for Universal Health Care.

Quite frankly and speaking from personal opinion, I just don't see how all this signals the end of the Republican Party. After all, we are nonetheless a Republic and the Democratic Party is more like the Socialist Party these days. If anything the Democrat Party has ended and become the socialist party and the Republican Party remained intact.

it's my contention that when all is said and done socialism will as it always has in the past be found to not work and thus, the nation will reject it. Let's just hope it happens this manner before this great nation suffers the fate of all those great nation-states in history that failed and became mere footnotes in the annals of history. Think on this, as it's rather serious, in spite of the social commentary on TV and Internet Blogs.

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