Saturday, May 8, 2010

Competition in Iranian Presidential Elections

When it comes to the competition in Iranian presidential elections, it's often interesting to see how the electoral candidates for the presidential position stack up against each other. Iran is the first and only Islamic republic in the world. Its political structure is unique and to learn about it, you cannot bring any example. so, to study its presidential elections, you'll must learn about the Iranian presidential elections and no other models.

due to the present election laws of Islamic Republic of Iran, it's the Guardian Council which oversees and approves the electoral candidates for most national elections in Iran. Six clerics appointed by the Supreme Leader and six jurists elected by the parliament or Majlis make up the 12 members who are the part of the Guardian Council. As per the existing mandate of Iranian presidential elections, the Guardian council approves the Assembly of Experts candidates who supervise and elect the Supreme Leader.

Qualification of the Prospective Iranian President

The Iranian President is elected for 4 years in a national election. due to the Iranian Constitutions, the candidates for Presidency have to possess the following qualifications:

- He have to have Iranian origin

- He have to be an Iranian national

- He ought to have administrative capacity and resourcefulness

- He ought to have an impeccable record

- He ought to be trustworthy

- He ought to believe in the fundamental principles of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Disqualification of Electoral Candidates

Under the constitution of Iran, the Guardian Council, consisting of 12 clerics and jurists will in conclusion have the last say as to the candidates in the Iranian Presidential Elections. They reserve the right to disqualify any candidate they deem unqualified. a lot of such candidates have been disqualified in the past elections. Thus, the Iranian President cannot be elected without getting the go-ahead from the Guardian Council prior to the actual course of elections.

The constitution of Iran dictates that the President of Iran can be removed from office by two methods. If a judge reports a criminal record of the president, then the Supreme Leader reserves the right to remove him. The second case is when the Majlis decides that the president is ineligible; again the Supreme Leader can remove him.

Overview of Iranian Presidential Elections

The Iranian presidential elections have offered a competitive campaign among the electoral candidates in the past. even so, with a political system as intriguing as Iran's and a lot of ambitious presidential candidates vying for the coveted position, the outcome of Iranian presidential elections always has some surprise in store for the folks, the Islamic Republic of Iran and the rest of the world as well. No wonder then why the Iranian presidential elections, more often that not, hog the limelight of the foreign media in the international political landscape.

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