Thursday, May 6, 2010

Army National Guard Units - Basic Information About Army National Guard Units

Inside the Army National Guard, there are a lot of different types of Army units. There are engineers, signal, infantry, aviation, logistics, maintenance and a lot of more. Each type of unit has a different combat mission. essentially, it's one big squad of units, each relying on the other.

Unlike our Active Duty counterparts, the National Guard (NG) units have both a state and federal mission. We respond to both state and federal emergencies. Most of the time we train for our wartime mission, but NG units also respond to hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and winter storms.

In the past, the National Guard was mostly used for a contingency force. Since the Global War on Terrorism even so, the NG has frequently served as an operational force, deploying throughout the world.

What I enjoy most about NG units is that they're like a large family. Since most armories and units are community based, the soldiers are like a large extended family. In fact, a lot of units have soldiers that have been part of the same unit for 10, 20 or more years.

That's unheard of in the Active Duty Army. Most Active Duty soldiers get reassigned every 3-4 years.

The benefit of working with an Army National Guard unit is that you are able to have the best of both worlds. you are able to serve your country part-time, while also pursuing your civilian career goals.

Each month, you are able to put on your uniform for 2-3 days and participate in fun, but tough training. And, when everything is said and done, you are able to go back to your civilian job on Monday!

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