Thursday, May 6, 2010

Abandoning United Nations Security Council

We all know what happens when world government organizations fail. We have already learned this from the League of Nations and so we have to keep an open dialogue with all countries of the world and work difficult to prevent not allow political impasse to lead to a Machiavellian side picking and a future World War you see?

In this day and age of nuclear weaponry, we don't need a massive World War. In fact it would propel the United States of America to do the unthinkable. Now then does anyone see the problem with the United Nations Security Council? it's ineffectual and problematic and a lot of are troubled when one nation sets out to build nuclear weapons with ambitions and goals to blow whole countries off the map.

look at if you will the issues with Iran and their goals to take out Israel and build nuclear weapons. Next we have China giving them Uranium Stock to enrich and technologies to do it and selling them ICBM missiles capable of 1200-mile range and carrying nuclear warheads. Even worse China is blocking sanctions against Iran as it finds them a very good customer and trading partner for military weaponry and a source for oil and such.

Russia too finds Iran a wealthy country to buy anti-aircraft weapons and other military technology from. Meanwhile Iran prepares for war and will soon have nuclear weapons as the United Nations drags its feet and won't fulfill its mission. Will history repeat? If so who will be doomed? look at this in 2006.

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